How Instagram made me a better photographer

Instagram has improved my photography skills imensely and made me enjoy photograpy as never before. Here I will tell you why.

Since I was a kid I have been interested in Photography. I tried to take pictures with a sheap plastic snapshot camera and my parents really old camera without lightmeter. I went to a course in photography in youth school. And in the eighties I bought a SLR camera. But I never took many photos. I was too expensive buying film, developing the film and developing the photos. And the quality was also bad.

So when I bought my first digital camera in 2003 I started for the first time to take many photos. Because it didn’t cost extra I could experiment and gain a lot of experience. I really enjoyed taking pictures.

The next revolution in my photography life was when I started sharing my photos with others. In the beginning on websites where you could upload photos and others could comment and give critique. Later when you could upload photos on Facebook. And Finally with Instagram. In 2014 I started to photos to Instagram every day and I haven’t stopped since then.

All the time I have used Instagram, I have had a daily quota for my uploads. In the beginning two photos a day and for the last years one photo a day. I have had this quota for two reasons. The first is, that I didn’t want to tire my audience with too many images and with images of worse quality. The other reason is, that the quota forces my to look in my archieve of photos and choose the best one, edit it and publish it.

erfaring gennem mængde og redigering, glæde ved feedback og publikum, og et engagement ved fotografering, udvælgelse og redigering som jeg ikke ville have haft hvis jeg ikke havde haft et publikum

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